Veteran Voices Unveiled through Digital Transformation

Veteran Voices Unveiled through Digital Transformation is a publishing competition open to student veterans of the College of Applied Arts. It aims to award scholarships to student veterans for submitting unique, creative work to the Journal of Interactive Veteran Experiences (JIVE). Each student who submits their work will be eligible to receive one of twenty available $1,000 scholarships. The Veteran Voices Unveiled through Digital Transformation competition submissions will be featured in the inaugural issue of JIVE in September 2024.

JIVE is a collaborative project between the Texas State University Libraries and the veterans community of Texas State University. By blending technology, art, and expression, JIVE aims to provide a creative space for veterans in the Texas State University community to share their stories and memories in a meaningful way. In our inaugural issue, we aim to capture the diverse experiences, emotions, and journeys of military veterans and their families. We encourage submissions that reflect the resilience, strength, and unique perspectives of veterans as they transition from military to civilian life.

Each student is required to submit either a piece of memorabilia or creative expression and a 100-150 word biographical statement. Each piece of memorabilia or creative expression must be submitted digitally as a digital image, video, audio file, 3D image, or other type of digital media. More guidance is provided below.

Please note, if you would like to submit work to JIVE, but are not a student of the College of Applied Arts, we welcome your submissions, but regret to inform you that you will not be elligible for the scholarships featured in this competition. If you would like to submit or have any questions, please email the JIVE editorial team at

JIVE editor, Dr. Heriberto Arambula, shares memorabilia from his personal collection as examples of the types of objects that students might consider submitting using 3D scanning.

Submission Categories:


Share a meaningful object or piece of memorabilia that embodies your personal anecdotes, challenges, and moments of triumph related to military service and post-military life. These items should provide insight into your journey and connect with readers on a personal level. The staff at Alkek One will scan in the memorabilia to create a 3D object of your item. Memorabilia submissions must be accompanied by a written or spoken description that describes their meaningfulness.

Creative Expressions:

Poetry: Share your thoughts and feelings by using the spoken and written word to amplify your poetry and its insights. You can use the podcast stations in Alkek One to record your oration, or you can choose to submit a poem in written form.

Artwork: Submit paintings, illustrations, or 2-D digital art that reflect your experiences. If the work is not in digital form, the staff of Alkek One can digitize them for you.

Photography or Video: Share photos or videos that capture the essence of your military service or the moments that define your post-service life. These works will be scanned or closed-captioning will be added with the help of Alkek One staff.

Academic Contributions: If you have conducted research or have academic insights related to veteran issues, submit your articles or papers for publication in the Journal of Interactive Veteran Experiences. All academic contributions must be unpublished or open access, with the author retaining the right to share. Topics may include education, mental health, policy, social issues, and more. To be included in the competition, you must also record a 3 minute presentation summarizing your research findings. You can use the YouStar studios in Alkek One to record your presentation.

Available Resources for Creators at Alkek One:

The digital transformation can be facilitated with the help of our expert staff using the following equipment, available to all students at Alkek One:

3D Scanner for objects and sculptures
2D Scanner for print materials
Professional digital cameras, and 360 cameras
Professional audio recording studios
Professional video recording studios
Full service makerspace and more...

Click here to view current operating hours: Alkek One Open Hours.

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Alkek One lobby at Texas State University Library

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Submissions to Veteran Voices Unveiled through Digital Transformation competition must be original works created by current student veterans from the College of Applied Arts at Texas State University.

  2. Submissions must include a digital object such as a digital image, video, 3D model, audio file, etc. JIVE editors and Alkek One staff will be available to help students digitize their submissions if needed. Please email the editors with any questions on how to create a digital version of your work or items.

  3. Submissions must include a short biographical statement. The author's biographical statement should be between 100-150 words. Graduate student editors and/or the Texas State Writing Center can assist if requested.

  4. Written creative expressions (poetry, short stories, etc.) should be in English, or include an English translation and can vary in length.

  5. Academic submissions should follow the American Psychological Association's citation guidelines and must include your 3 minute video presentation.

  6. Artwork and photography will need to be scanned in with high resolution equipment for online-publication.

Priority Deadline: Please share your intent to submit via email to or by completing the Intent to Submit form by March 1, 2024.

Deadline: To be eligible for the scholarship competition, the deadline to submit your full and completed project via email is May 15, 2024.

Submissions should include all of the above mentioned requirements and should be sent via email to


Each of the top 20 submitters will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship. The awardees will be chosen by a selection review committee of qualified experts. Every student who submits their final project by May 15, 2024 will be considered for a scholarship award. Please note all decisions are considered final based on the committee's collective review.

Selection Process for Veteran Voices Unveiled through Digital Transformation:

Submissions for this scholarship competition will be reviewed by the Veterans Alliance of Texas State (VATS) for relevance, quality, and alignment with the journal's mission.

Authors will be notified of acceptance or feedback by Aug 01, 2024.

Accepted submissions will then be published in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Interactive Veteran Experiences, September, 2024. Select items will be exhibited in the Alkek One Gallery, space permitting.

Rights and Permissions:

All authors and creators publishing in the Journal of Interactive Veteran Experiences retain the rights to their work. Works will be licensed using Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA. This license enables reusers to copy and distribute the material in any medium, for noncommercial purposes only, only so long as attribution is given to the creator and the derivitatives maintain the same license as the original work. CC BY-NC-SA includes the following elements:

BY: credit must be given to the creator.

NC: Only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted.

SA: Any derivitives must maintain the same license as the original work.

If previously published elsewhere, please ensure that you have the necessary rights and permissions to submit the work for publication.

Privacy Statement:

The email addresses, names, and creative works entered into this digital project will only be used for the outlined purposes of this project and will not be used for any other purpose or given to any other party.

Accessibility Statement:

Texas State University strives to provide access to its technologies to individuals with disabilities by following the requirements of the amended Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 508. Section 508 ensures that federally funded programs and services are accessible to employees and members of the public with disabilities. Texas State University Libraries and the College of Applied Arts will do what it can to accommodate those with disabilities.

Questions and Inquiries:

Information Sessions:

Please consider attending one of our information sessions in advance of submitting your work. The information session will include a tour of Alkek One, a short presentation introducing our team and the project, and time for questions and discussion. Information sessions can be scheduled on an individual basis. Please contact a team member for more information.


Our team:

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